Sunshine guitars.

The term 'Wound Up' can mean being annoyed to such an extent to become angry but in the case of Le Reno Amps single, it probably means that the band have been wound up before release as this song attacks from the speakers like a coiled spring, full of energy and bounce.

Calling Glasgow their base after originally hailing from the North of Scotland, Le Reno Amps don't immediately fit into the current scenes that are occurring in Glasgow but their love of sunshine melodic pop and a nod to Americana stands them in the tradition of many a act who have hailed Glasgow as their home, spiritually pr physically. Its perhaps a yearning for the sun that doesn't always shine but theres a history of sunshine pop from the region and this might just be another one.

As it races in front of your eyes and ears and tossing out sing-along high end vocals, its pretty infectious and wears its upbeat heart on its sleeve and should leave a big smile on your face.

It may be not entirely filling but as a stand alone snack, 'Wound Up' has just about nourishment to enjoy between albums.