Mad Staring Eyes - Talk dirty

A stuttery voice opens this ramshackle noise titled, "Talk dirty" as the Mad Staring Eyes jam and jingle their way through two minutes and forty four seconds of anti-melodic madness.

Sadly I feel like these four young gentlemen are trying to do a little too much with the short time they have on your stereo. The lyrics are a little too chaotic and they muster a feeble attempt at maybe sounding a little too rustically gritty for their own good. "I just want you to talk dirty" is echoed time and time again amongst other weakly constructed phrases that hold little grounding around the strum of a solid danceable guitar.

Track two on the CD, "Well done son", begins quite well. Highly tweaked guitars swim amongst a low level of distortion, but when we hit a vocal chorus I find myself going back to the single, "Talk dirty" and surely enough I am reassured that the vocal breaks in the chorus are so similar they could be twins.

Now saying something sounds like something else is sort of a sin when writing a song review, but there is no other way to describe it. The same up-down beat layered under the stop start strained vocals do nothing for me or my ears I am regrettable to say.