Ian Archer - Minus Ten

Iain Archer doesn't really need to make an effort to convince his musical doubters considering his song writing has already won him an Ivor Novello award. Yet here comes another track from his album Magnetic North on which he seems to be pouring out every ounce of his heart and soul and really meaning every word and breath.

The first thing that springs to mind from new single Minus Ten is the essence of Badly Drawn Boy, though there are also hints of late 90s Blur coming through in the warm toned guitar twinned with minor key vocals. It's the perfect anthem to the increasingly frequent government warnings that global warming will soon turn our winters into bitter bone chillers.

It doesn't stand alone either the single is accompanied by two other good value tracks. Little Lately is subtle, starting slowly and taking a while to kick into a catchy upbeat sing-along chorus, while When It Kicks In is understated throughout, with comforting steady acoustic guitars and a rougher edge to the vocals. Archer is the perfect antidote to the blues, drawing you in to wallow at the start but finishing with you on an emotional high and wearing a big grin.