Harmonious Metal

After ten years together and earning themselves a powerful reputation in their homeland Australia, Karnivool are now bringing their blend of rock to the UK in the shape of an album called 'Themata'.

After three years in the making you expect it to be good; thankfully it is. Their melodic rock has a bit of an American vibe to it, but somehow it still manages to have an original edge. The album is split in two by 'Scarabs', an instrumental metal interlude; it's not quite on par with their other tracks but luckily it only lasts two minutes. Apart from that blip Karnivool can carry a tune and unlike a lot of bands around today they don't feel the need to show how heavy and progressive they can make their music.
It's clear throughout the album's 11 tracks that Karnivool are happy with their sound and confident behind their instruments. 'Cote' has layer upon layer of harmonies and melodies creating something epic sound but not over the top. The band perfectly mixes quiet, serene tracks with aggressive punches, and the delivery cannot be faulted, neither can Ian Kelly's slick vocal performance.

Karnivool prove they are not just a one trick pony with the chilling 'Sewn and Silent'. The track is slower paced and is played on acoustic guitars and strings. If the band carry on like this they can easily take their music to an international level and give their American counterparts a run for their money. At times they are slightly too harmonious for the metal genre which will probably get them lots of bad reviews, but I think 'Themata' shows lots of promise, and these guys are definitely worth keeping an eye on.