Raging Rock Escapism

Currently supporting Mastodon on their US tour, Canadian quartet Priestess unleashes their latest dose of raging rock in the form of 'I Am The Night, Colour Me Black'. Charged to the max and with guitar riffage to leave an indelible imprint on your brain, 'I Am The Night, Colour Me Black' is a maze of howling vocals to leave you hoarse and dry and in a smouldering heap. Throw in a bombardment of drumming that immediately attacks like a machine gun and Priestess have instantly crafted a frenzied voyage into the roots of classic rock as they sneakily craft their full blown rampage around a cheeky twist of melodic hooks to insure no one can escape their allure.

B Side, 'Run Home' sees the Canadians slow the tempo slightly as they reveal their gentler side, or at the very least turn the volume down one touch. Still packing a rock fuelled punch, 'Run Home' opens with a wave of distortion before making way for insistent drumming and the coarse croon of lead singer Mikey Heppner, making sure to include a sing out loud chorus that is begging to be played full blast in the car on a sunny day. Brandishing an irresistible hook wrapped around a melodic beat, 'Run Home' is pure rock escapism.

Masking a onslaught of metal swaggering with a melodic edge, Priestess manage to skilfully tred the gap between metal and full fledged rock, making for a dangerous concoction that could just haul you into their world.