New single from Just Jack tour support.

The arrival of a single with five tracks, four of which are remixes including one with the word 'dub' in the title, is hardly likely to have me running for the stereo. In the case of Radar however, the experience is a little like a trip to the doctor's, you dread it for a while but it isn't usually as bad as you anticipated. Vocally reminiscent of Pete Doherty and musically a curious mix of DIY electro, reggae and ska, this is certainly inventive.

After a recent tour with Just Jack its clear to see that Radar hope to nestle in alongside their tour mate and the likes of Jamie T. With political conscious lyrics about wars and the police, although not exactly adding a new perspective to the debate, 'War out There' at least adds another layer to its aural experiment. With support for Radar and this style in general building to a frenzy its unlikely you'll hear nothing further from this group, and when their name is on the lips of all the coolest kids no doubt you'll remember this rather cynical reviewer gave it a partial thumbs up won't you?