On Another Planet

Asobi Seksu means "playful sex" in Japanese; although they're a bit less erotic than they make themselves out to be, the group are wonderfully playful, a trait that instantly charms the listeners.

'Walk On The Moon' kicks off with a soothing mix of synths and shuffling percussion before singer/keyboardist Yuki's breathy vocals begin to float above this electro sea. Pirouetting pop, this is a beautiful tune that provides some pleasant relief from the dirge of rock on the radio. This track really does bring to mind those first tentative gravity-less steps on the moon, the listener filled with a sense of buoyancy and anticipation.

'Sooner's skittering off kilter percussion adds a neat twist to the sweet indie style, before blaring effects-laden guitars squeal out like sirens, shattering the pensive peace and adding a new dynamic to this mellifluous number. Asobu Seksu mix the sweet with the sour like the finest concoctors of delicious delicacies, adding just enough spice to excite the listener while also allowing them to delight in the blissful synth tones.