Just What You've Been Waiting For

Blazing riffs and enraged Northern vocals at full mast, The Pigeon Detectives pick up where the Arctic Monkeys left off. Their tunes are chock full of cheeky charm and classic indie numbers relating troubled relationships and teenage concerns in urban England.

'Found Out' shimmies along with added handclaps, a bright upbeat number with the honest lyrics, "I'm so in love with you, I just don't know what to do, so I'll do nothing", this is a sentiment being repeated the land over, so it's refreshing to see a band who're not afraid to wear their kooky little hearts on their sleeves. The vocal harmonies have a refreshing retro vibe and it's the kind of tune that will have girls swooning instantly.

'Caught In Your Trap' is a great tune that pulls out all the stops in a two minute frenzy featuring a roaming bassline, stop-go vocals and plenty of jangly guitar ammunition. 'I'm Not Sorry' is the sound of frustrated youth, albeit with a carefully orchestrated guitar solo to break up the riled-up and increasingly vigorous choruses.

'You Know I Love You's refrain of, "You know I love you, take off your clothes" is truly incendiary in its witty, gritty real life sentiment, driving guitar set the whole thing alight to create the perfect three minute indie thriller. 'Take Her Back' is a truly modern love story detailing a relationship with a school girl, "He's not sure what he should do, he's 17, she's 22", the smart lyrics coupled with the swaggering lyrics make it a sure fire hit.

The tunes are brash and bold and the subject matter is definitely something that youngsters the world over can relate to, The Pigeon Detectives are onto something good here and it goes beyond getting on the Arctic Monkeys' bandwagon, there's something far more developed and exciting about the Pigeons' sound that will hopefully outlast the clamour for the Alex Turner sound-a-likes. The Pigeon Detectives are sure to woo you with their punchy, frenetic indie melodies, just what we've been waiting for!