Three little gems

You are part of the I-pod generation. Whether you like it or not, whether you have one or not, those little devices whether made by Apple or someone else have defined the way you listen to music. You can structure your record collection at the touch of the button, deleting those filler tracks on albums and can put the most random of acts back to back. In this technological age, if you are still buying albums in the shops, you have to ask yourself one, salient question when you get that shiny little disc home: would I put this in my MP3 player?

Well, with this three-way split ep, showcasing three of the most interesting emerging American indie acts, is a must for anyone's portable music device. All bands, each sounding different and interesting bring something pretty special to the mix.

Saboteur kick it off with some wholesome indie rock which wouldn't be at all out of place on the Deep Elm record label. Honest, driving, no-nonsense, those three semi anthemic tracks leave you breathless awaiting more. Kicking off with 'This is a Bike Crime', they impress with an acute sense of musicianship and one very hooky, shout along chorus. This is one of those bands to watch out for because they could end up being quite big before long.

The Mockingbird Nightmare follow up with a sound a little more art core in its approach. A little reminiscent of Leeds based Forward Russia with their jerkyness and intensity, this again is another promising band who can only do more and get better with time.

But it is Red Light/Green Light that turn up both the volume and the beats per minute with their offerings. High energy and mixing in that electro rock sound which is becoming ever more popular in alternative circles at the moment, this again is an exciting listen. Frenetic, fast and full of shouty screaming this will give Enter Shikari a run for their money any day. Singer Derek Reilly may have a voice which sounds like the bastard child of Taking Back Sunday's Adam Lazarra and little pop monkey Lil' Chris, but despite this, it still is a really good listen.

Yes, there are plenty of bands in the UK at the moment making sounds like this and there are plenty more American acts, but this is an impressive ep. Aided by the fact that all the bands are sound different, this is a bit of a must for those of the I-pod generation who love a bit of heartfelt indie music and more importantly, a bit of a dance.