A more laid back approach

'Face For The Radio' is the latest single to be taken from The View's hugely successful album 'Hats Off To The Buskers', and sees the Scottish band take a more melodic and laid back approach from previous releases.

It's an acoustic-based, catchy, relaxed track, getting the radio treatment just in time to be performed at warm festivals across the summer.

Given the tempo of this track it was never going to capture the imagination in the same way as 'Wasted Little DJs' did last summer, or 'Same Jeans' ahead of the album's release as you can't really compare like with like. The trouble is no matter how many times I listen to 'Face For The Radio' it fails to really excite in the same way as The Fratellis' acoustic offering 'Whistle For The Choir' did.

'Face For The Radio' sounds perfectly OK as part of The View's live set, and will continue to do so this summer. As a stand alone single, it may attract a slightly different audience to the band but those that love The View probably do already on the strength of their more upbeat single releases. Ironically given the title, I can't see this becoming a radio anthem like 'Same Jeans'.