Avril Shows Us Why She is Special

Ok before I am served my serving of humble pie, could I just request custard to go with it at least! When Avril Lavigne hit our shores back in 2002, I dismissed the diminutive Canadian as nothing more than a one-album wonder, who would do very little.

So I admit I am wrong, the last twelve months have been a fantastic time for Avril Lavigne with her sell out world tour, and revisiting Britain during the summer for some extra gigs. Then, as if she has enough time left during the year, she gets engaged- good luck to her.

This special edition of 'Under My Skin' has been produced to coincide with the extra tour dates, and what a fantastic special edition it is. The bonus DVD contains live footage, a tour documentary and three promo videos. Even the CD has had an extra four tracks added, all of which are live recordings.

Even though Avril Lavigne sticks to her tried and tested formula that made her debut album 'Let Go' a multi million seller around the world; she uses the angst-ridden teenager, as the basis for her songs, and it works well for her. She is talking about feelings that she probably has and is far better at expressing her feelings than most of the pop divas. The difference being that Avril Lavigne writes and co-writes her songs, and is not singing the feelings of someone else.

There are acoustic guitars bolstered by good rock riffs in the chorus and sing-along vocals for any angst-ridden teenager. The album is very similar in the style and content to her debut album, but the difference is that Avril Lavigne has matured as a singer over the last couple of years. Some of the tracks on the album may not have that instant appeal of 'Complicated', but with Lavigne maturing the songs have a far greater depth to them, and sound better every time you hear them.

This is an album that is filled with energy packed pop-punk, and this album shows why Avril Lavigne is the current queen of the genre. Go out and add this album special edition to your music collection. Catch Avril Lavigne while her star is rising, I am sure you will not be disappointed.