Debut download from Glasgow band.

The debut single from Glasgow project Commander Keen is a download only single designed to create an appetite for the forthcoming mini-album and full-length album. Judging by this example of indirect electro ambient nonsense its fair to say I will quickly be declaring I'm full thank you very much.

'Panic Attack' begins with random electronic noises perhaps designed to sound like animals in a forest, these continue for what feels like hours, and at a speed akin to Chinese water torture. The vocals, when finally introduced are so low in the mix the lyrics are impossible to distinguish.

'If I Thought You Heard This (Alternate Version)'is so similar to its predecessor I can scarcely tell the difference, and I have to wonder what the hell this is an alternative to. Again the song features uninspiring electronics whose only purpose must be to compensate for the overwhelming lack of inspiration to be found in this mediocre pairing. Startlingly unoriginal and rather grating to listen to, Commander Keen are probably worth avoiding unless you like your music to sound both stale and irritating.