Exquisite Artistic Creations

'Fables' the latest release from effortless artistic indie purveyors Immaculate Machine is, as you may hope, an album that tells timeless tales so vibrant that they take on a life of their own.

From the silky pop hooks of, 'Jarhand' with insistent percussion and vocal harmonies that will whisk you away, to the fuzz rock and electro grunge of, 'Old Flame', a carefully constructed tune full of edge rhythms and bile.

Between them, the trio craft melodies and harmonies that weave their way together into something colossal and subtly powerful; it's in attention to the detail that Immaculate Machine work their wicked way - the clattering keys on, 'Old Flame' or the snatches of shimmering violin working their way in an unlikely combination with the roving bassline of, 'Small Talk'.

Although the soundscapes often sound much bigger than the efforts of three people, the tunes often also have a minimalist feel, with the sense that each note has been earnt its place, take for example the haunting, 'Small Talk' or the slow deliberate beats of, 'Northeastern Wind', a slow building number punctuated by guitar whines and led by soothing vocals. While it may not be rocket science, Immaculate Machine have definitely found an amazing recipe for creating intimate and driven music that finds new ways to move you with each tune.

'Nothing Ever Happens' remoulds the traditional teenage rebel's cry of, "Nothing ever happens in my town" with lush vocal harmonies and crashing percussion, although I don't think you can say that nothing happens in the band's base of Victoria, British Columbia, a town that has spawned Hot Hot Heat and Nelly Furtado.

'C'mon Sea Legs' is an impassioned tune that really impresses with big looming chords and raging percussion combined with an agitated chant of, "C'mon Sea Legs, you're not going to spend your life being sick over the side" leading to beautiful vocals harmonies that make even sea sickness seem a heartfelt section. The sparkling delicacy of, 'Blinding Light' finishes this superb album with shimmering synth sounds that sway with an iridescent texture making you feel like you're submerged in an ever moving sea of sound; it's rather disorientating and softens your sentiments ready for New Pornographers star Kathryn Calder's tender and touching vocals.

'Fables' is a wonderful collection of tunes that will seduce your ears with their rare beauty, maybe it's the power of three, or merely a meeting of minds, but there's something magical about the concoction of Immaculate Machine.