Not So Stupid

Far from antiquated as their name may suggest, The Victorian English Gentlemens Club are about as upto the minute as you can get with tripping drum beats and persistent vocal harmonies flowing out of their driving tunes.

'La Mer' is the first release to feature female lead vocals with Louise offering a punchy vocal line that jerks along to the militant drums and chugging beat of her bass; it's typical of a bassist to create such a beat-based tune but this makes it all the more grimy and charismatic.

'Stupid As Wood' is a careening tune with yelping vocals and a rumbling bass onslaught that's truly dark and rolls along at an unstoppable pace. Adam's vocal yelps rally over the incisive guitar squeals with power and pizzazz. Doomy but full of vibrance, The Victorian English Gentlemens Club will certainly make you sit up and listen.