A Musical Migraine

Suppose System of a Down, Finntroll and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter are involved in a three-way high-speed car crash at such speeds that the three bands are merged together into one new band - The Mad Capsule Markets.

Obviously this never really happened but it does give you an idea about exactly how unusual TMCM really are - Cistm K0nfliqt's name alone could fox even the most literary of music fans, and the bizarre blend of steep guitars and strange time signatures are always successfully held together by the band, each song is clearly well written and not just some instruments being thrown down the stairs.

However, The Mad Capsule Markets do fall down on one tiny little point - half the time the music stops being entertaining and starts being bloody annoying. This is not an album you can just put on while you do some work, and you definitely should not expect to be captivated throughout - yes, songs like W.O.R.L.D and the excellent Bomb Idea are fantastic music that will leave you happily confused, but some tracks here only serve to irritate and, to that end, the album really gets let down.

Yes, it's an enjoyable album but unfortunately it is let down so drastically by some headache-inducing antics. Still, worth a look if you enjoy being mentally disturbed!