Destined for great things ...

Radar stand-up and be counted with their latest offering. A resilient piece of pop delivered with attitude, "First To Last", samples some of vintage pop's greatest sounds and brings them together in a marriage that has never been witnessed before in the history of pop culture. A sound like Jarvis Cocker meets Madness at a Doctor Who convention.

Radar are not the first and surely will not be the last band to make a bold effort to be original but, what sets them aside from most is their innovative approach. Radar's music is much more than music; it's a soundtrack for British life in many different aspects from the club-culture to the council estates, from the glitz and glamour to the grime and grit this band's music has it all.

"First To Last" goes to show what great things we can expect of this London quartet. It presents a band bursting with vitality, radiance and excellence and it has that special something that you can't quite pinpoint. Conjuring brilliance at a glance, Radar, are definitely worth watching for the future.