Stinky Munchkins - Release the lions/Bad timing

The birth of Stinky Munchkins came when Dino and Daryl began making music together in 2001, later being joined by Matt on bass, Charlie on guitar and Bix on drums. Both tracks on this single sound very experimental in every aspect.

'Release the Lions' may have the attractive and infectious mysterious opening. But goes onto be quite annoying. In terms of instruments, it sounds quite unusual. There are bangs and tings, which sound as if the guys are playing on household electrical appliances, banging on old milk bottles or your garden bin. These strange and interesting sounds continue though the track, with the odd pop twist to the track when piano is heard. The second track, 'Bad timing' is easier to listen to. There are more understandable vocals, less recyclable sounds and more electric/computer generated sounds; which for a dance tune suits the track perfectly. On both tracks it is difficult to comment on the lyrics as its hard to hear what on earth is being said over the incessant banging and beats that are not at all good to listen to repeatedly at home; possibly more attractive if you're out on the dance floor or in your car.