First taste of Irish singer Wallis Bird.

The rather unusually named Wallis Bird is a 24-year-old Irish singer who cut her musical teeth in Germany as part of a band. A German success she is now intent on gaining UK attention after playing the like of Latitude earlier this year.

This five-track sampler features several tracks from her 'Moodsets' EP and highlights Wallis's rather quirky accent and singing style. 'Counting to Sleep' is a passionately executed acoustic song with offbeat vocals almost in the same bracket as Regina Spektor. Unfortunately so many female singers seem to be striving to be Regina these days that isn't so much a compliment as the by-product of the wonderful Ms Spektor's recent exposure. Still, this brand of quirky folk is infinitely preferable to the more commercial offerings from KT Tunstall and Amy Mcdonald.

'Blossoms in the Street' features a nice harmony and a layered sound that illustrates Wallis's musical talents without being showy. There is also a nice edginess to the vocals suggesting feistiness just beneath the surface. 'The Circle' is more of a ballad and slightly disappointing after its more innovative predecessor, however as the song progresses it begins to sound more genuine and less bland. 'Moodsets' is similar but more memorable and Wallis's ragged voice works well, particularly with making her songs seem wrenched from the depths of her own experience.

Generally this selection of songs showcases an interesting artist who appears to be very passionate about making music and also seems to have the rudimentary skills needed to succeed. With an unusual name that should help you to remember her, Wallis Bird should be mentioned elsewhere and soon.