Lets do the time warp.

The Nash is a rock quartet with a mainstream sound, the band hail from varied locations and claim influences from such diverse artists as Pixies and T-Rex amongst others. Their influences don't seem to feature much in their own music however and it's quite a surprise to hear them produce a sound that's very radio friendly and very middle of the road; swinging mildly from mid heavy, guitar led and American sounding to, strangely, an almost progressive 70s British rock sound.

The core of the album is definitely more pop than rock, but this is old school pop. Sometimes It feels like being trapped in a time warp; on the more upbeat pop tracks like 'Feathers' and 'Two of a Kind' they sound more than a touch like cheesy 70s/80s band Squeeze. And at other times you could be listening to (mainly) 90s rock/ power pop outfit Fountains of Wayne.

"Kicks and Glory" is a peculiar record; the elements don't cohere very well: merging the odd prog moment to an 80s pop sound creates something that's not interesting and unpredictable but unsatisfying. 'Closer to the Sun' for example is a meandering prog rock number that sounds positively old fashioned, especially when you compare it to a track like 'Island Made of Wax' which is a pop infused romp with a rock and roll rhythm under the surface.

The album as a whole is full of melodic tunes, but the riffs are very straightforward and predictable and there is a distinct lack of hooks to pull you in, so it becomes very repetitive even after just two or three tracks. Even the standout tunes like 'Said and Done' which is one of the catchier and more memorable moments is played straight up with no quirks. Sadly, this is a difficult record to connect with, the band can obviously hold down a tune well enough, but it really feels like there is something missing; because there are no rough edges, no extremes of quiet or loud, fast or slow, there is a lack of emotional depth and instead of making you listen it just washes over you like background music while you wait for it to kick in.