Slick emotion.

Female fronted emo hasn't really taken off, it's hard to think of many bands beside Paramore that are doing this kind of thing in the mainstream, which is probably why it's such a novelty and they're so big. Unfortunately though, there doesn't seem to be that much to get excited about. The problem is, if you take away the fact that Hayley Williams fronts the band you're just left with the music, which really, is just the same as every other emo band out there.

'Hallelujah' is slickly produced, melodic, mid-heavy rock with a reasonably catchy tune. Hayley does her best to emote at every given opportunity, especially on that all important anthemic chorus, but her lyrics (tinged with religious undertones) are just as sugary and uninspiring as the standard emo boy whining about his latest breakup.