Word of advice: Think happy thoughts!!

Devastations write music to wallow in your own depressiveness; they are the soundtrack to loneliness, emptiness and despair. "Yes, U" is the third album to be released by these masters of gloom and pessimism. If you're a fan since the very beginning, it's a wonder how the hell you're still alive...after only one listen I feel like doing myself in. Every track in this infernal album spells misery and dejection through and through, and sounds exactly the same. You couldn't possibly pinpoint any point of experimentation or exhilaration. No melodies, no music, just nasty noise.

"Black Ice" is as cold as the title. Simply no life to it; it's eerie and laborious. Slow, protracted, with inert guitars and the most dismal vocal tone you'll ever come across. It makes Bob Dylan or David Bowie sound like the Brady Bunch, but if you thought that was bad, well darling, "You aint seen nothing yet".

"Oh Me, Oh My", is a bulky track filled with practically no musical substance; A tediously repetitive drumbeat in the background, the spontaneous burst of sorrowful guitar and the sporadic lyrics (sometimes talked, sometimes wailed). Still the drums go on, no-experimentation not even a fill or anything of any excitement. Seven-minutes of your life wasted on monotonous crap. "Rosa" again sounds exactly the same. Shit drums, pitiful guitars and the most boring voice I've ever heard. "The Pest" samples an annoying whispering vocalism and, what a surprise, the pretty woeful instrumental accompaniment.

"As Sparks Fly Upwards" is five minutes of Sci-Fi documentary noise with a steady drumbeat (last time I checked that wasn't music). "Mistakes" is the one part of the album that you actually consider this band to have a slight talent but that's all lost when you stare in "The Face Of Love". "An Avalanche Of Stars" is tedious talking poised against some pretty poor music and "The Saddest Sound" is just depression in it's musical form.

Ever wondered what the world's most incompetent drummer, the world's most boring voice, the world's most pathetic guitars and the world's most depressive music collectively sound like? Let me save you the pain: It's almost enough to rid you of your will to live and sanity.