Soulless music sold as Soul

Once upon a time the Magic Numbers filled a super-massive big hole in the pop-rock industry with their unique brand of light-hearted melodies and subtle instrumentation. The End.

Remember these guys? You're right, it wasn't really that long since they released but in the industry it seems like a lifetime. Their new sound, particularly in this, is different from the music we associate them with. The bubbly Indie-Pop has died and has been replaced by a more sombre, Blues-pop.

With Joss Stone soul qualities to their new track, "Undecided", The Magic Numbers have a go at reinventing themselves. Either that, or they want to broaden their musical scope, exposing a different side to their band. A lazy drumbeat, funky guitar, the renowned vocal eminence and some rubbish lyrics, come together to make a pretty mediocre track.

Way off the quartet's previous standards, it presents the group almost in a lifeless, monotonous phase of their career. "Undecided" is, by no means, the best music The Magic Numbers can offer. This is soulless music sold as Soul.