Batman, Batman, Batman!

Anything that describes itself as electrosexual should be consigned to the rubbish bins as its so 2004, you're half expecting England to lose to Portugal on penalties. Then again, that happened in 2006 as well didn't it? Its so hard to keep up with so many 12 yard failures but either way, the over-done phrase immediately catches as your eye and makes you think that this release may not be as cutting edge as it would like to think it is.

'Eclectrik' is the latest in a long-line of compilation records to throw all the different genres that can be classed as electro together and whilst the varying nature of these records are unlikely to make it a complete favourite with everyone, there is likely to be someone for everyone.

The major standout track comes in the re-imagining of the Batman theme-tune from Lemon. 'Batman (Twist!)' may be forty odd years behind The Who's cover version but the odd sample blends well with the swampy organ sound that drives it along and will have childhood memories flooding back. Its also exactly the sort of number that would go down a storm in a mod-throwback club, so if you have some friends that like to swing and shake, this would be right up their street.

Aside from the KAPOW! WHACK! Feel from the Batman song, theres a French feel to the opening numbers. Perhaps the idea of the cool Paris jazz clubs has conjured this up but 'La Degustation' carries on the breathy girls vocals with the nasally male vocals that Serge Gainsbourg wrote the book in. This track slides by with an effortless charm and also has a fair amount of sexiness about it. Hey R13 readers, what French for "va-va-voom?"

Fans of David Holmes and the Free Association project may find something to love in 'XXX Files' such is its funkiness and murkiness, whereas 'Hot Trap' that follows it comes the closest to something that would bother the charts. Strutting on like a funked up Goldfrapp or a remixed Kylie, again the sexual urging of the vocals are pushed to the fore and if you're planning on a little musical addition to make the night go with a bang, theres worse numbers to hit the playlist than this song.

So you can see that the record covers the main bases of electro, beats, sleaze and sex, it sells and its what appears to drive over 94% of the deviants that make electro music. God bless them though and their overworked sexual mojo because theres a lot of funk working through this record. Its got a lot in common with lounge records and all that cheesiness that can come from that but its enjoyable and is certain to make any party swing.