ZZT Lower State of Consciousness

If there were a competition to see how many different annoying, irritating, infuriating, aggravating and frustrating sounds you could fit in a five-minute track, 'Lower state of consciousness', the new track by ZZT would win hands down.

Really with a name like ZZT, we should have anticipated the state of this track. It is not a song, it is not a dance track, it is not an instrumental, it is not experimentation...it is a terrible attempt and entertainment! The track is so unpredictable with its whistles, hums, claps, taps, bings, bangs and bongs, I had to check to make sure the CD hadn't scratched. With noises that resemble a helicopter landing, arcades, and the Internet when you have dial up, the seconds seemed to go on for ages before the five minutes were up and this CD could be turned off, once and for all. Well, there goes five wasted minutes of my life that are never coming back.