A rising Indie pop-rock sensation

These new Indie-Rockers are bound to cause a stir with this their debut album, "Calling The World", a fine but not the most overly luscious debut you'll ever hear in your lifetime, but, don't get me wrong, they do give indications of being just as good as the rest of the pack. They are not afraid to experiment with some quirky vintage sounds and sample different styles, styles that perhaps you won't ear as often in the modern music trait.

Starting with title-track "Calling The World" an ambient and spirited cry out from the band to the rest of the world. As if to say, "Everyone! Come Listen to Us!" A really fitting track to start this album with, it sets an atmospheric tone for what you would anticipate to be an equally succulent, passionate and exasperating album but that's where this band tend to disappoint.

Track "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?" is a charismatic and delightful pop-rock tune. Where the band seem to be having a stab at creating their own branded pop-rock Indie anthem and coming close to attainment. "I Should've Been After You" is not a bad track either. It's the kind of song that you'd expect Orson or someone similar to release. You begin to wonder how on earth it found it's way among this particular collection of songs but to your surprise it works well. "Tell me soon" also brings its own special something to the fore it's incredibly catchy.

However the album falls short of the mark at "Are You Afraid?", "Love Me Or Leave Me" and "All In Your Head". Rooney somewhat over-do in trying out vintage sounds, it becomes somewhat boring and at other times painful, it really detracts from your opinion of the band and the album.

All in all, a pretty decent album from yet another newcomer in the Indie/pop-rock scene, it definitely lays the foundations for greater things to come.