Impressive, innovative and just brilliant

Hailing from the town of Leeds in Wild West Yorkshire, The Plight seem to be a lone group of gunslingers in the UK. Combing good ol' fashioned Rock and Roll with some Punk rock vocals, these cowboys are something of a revelation in these tense and troubled musical times. Riding up and down the UK on their musical mission, The Plight are certainly a band to watch out for in the coming year.

After sharing stages with Sick of it All, Bring Me the Horizon and Gallows, as well as recording a session for Radio One's The Lockup, they seem to have attracted the attention of quite a few industry bods within the past year, and rightly so. With a fresh, bloody, bleeding punk rock heart at their core, they are a refreshing change from the current slew of contrived and identikit metal that seems to be everywhere. Still keeping momentum with more than a healthy dash of rock guitars, with some well timed solos, they are proving that there is more to music than just heaviness and haircuts.

With the longest song on the EP running just over three minutes, you know you have stumbled upon something just that bit different. Every track is expertly carved to perfection with every note, riff and beat all belonging in its own, tight, little niche. Driven by an expert ear and combining punk rock and rock and roll to perfection, this EP is somewhat a master class in mixing genres. Impressively deft in their musicianship and ability as a band, this has to be by far, one of the standout releases from an up and coming band in their genre for this year. With such a well produced and succinct body of work(in just six tracks), you can't help think that if the EP is this good, it could only mean that live performances from this band will be nothing short of incendiary.

This is one of those releases that make your heart brim with joy. There are no whiny vocals, no extended, self indulgent guitar solos nor any guttural growls here, but just the sound of an accomplished band who really convey heart, passion and a bit of integrity. In short, The Plight are one of those bands that just come along out of the blue and make you hopeful that 2008 won't end up such a metal fest as 2007.