Is this the new Coheed and Cambria?

Birmingham's A Day Called Desire have made a bit of a name for themselves in the past 18 months. With support slots with Voodoo Glow Skulls, Kids in Glass Houses and Mendeed, as well as the thumbs up from the monthly music press, and avoiding a career ending van fire, they seem to have had lady luck firmly on their side.

Following up from their self titled EP, Vital Signs is another amalgamation of rock, prog rock with a metal vein running quite healthily through each track. Despite sounding suspiciously like Coheed and Cambria in points, with singer Daniel Crossan's vocals sounding overwhelmingly like a younger Claudio Sanchez, this is still a notable EP. 'Waiting In Hiding' and 'Who We Were' shine out as the best tracks on the EP, with their subtle Iron Maiden flourishes and their accomplished musical fervour, making it an solid and accomplished effort.

The only thing that remains the sticking point with this band is the fact that Crossan's voice appears to be recreating C&C's Mr Sanchez with such alacrity, it makes you wonder whether this is his true singing voice. But nonetheless, this is still a worthy and more importantly, an interesting effort.