Burn that mother down...

With Guy Fawkes's day approaching, thoughts of fireworks and flames are never far away. But this year, why not set aflame to all those unwanted CDs? With record collections across the country, literally bursting with crap metal, we could end all this madness on November 5th. Let's do away with those shiny discs which only bring disappointment and for the sacrificial Guy, we will dress a doll in impossible tight jeans, a black t shirt and slanty wig and will burn the lot in one swoop.

Hailing from Peterborough, Our Dying Concept are if you haven't guessed by now metal. Jumping on the band wagon that just won't just won't stop, the band aren't shattering any genres or doing anything remotely noteworthy here. Although they have only been a unit for a year, this is still a mediocre effort and no matter how many guitar slides are thrown in or how many guttural roars are thrown about, this is still a poor effort.

This is just another example of how unoriginal the whole metal climate is at the moment. Unimpressive and uncreative, this is just another single to throw on the pyre (subject to the go ahead from Environmental Heath).