Who is the real My Alamo?

Occasionally a band will come along and remind you of another band that you like. Sometimes a band will come along and sound like a near carbon copy of another band. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the land of My Alamo.
My Alamo are essentially merchants of generic rock which take some quite liberal pinches of other bands. But with this, there is nothing on display that stands out and screams that this band deserve further investigation. It is the sound of a support band which you see and instantly forget their name, their sound and probably what they look like, except for the fact that you have heard it all before.

Single '1994' does little to impress. Sounding a little like a second rate Lost Prophets and depending on your viewpoint, that is quite bad thing. My Alamo lack the punch, creativity and drive required to be contenders in the current musical climate. B Side 'Doctor, Doctor' is no better. Sounding like a second rate, no, scrub that, tenth rate Nirvana, it does little to impress the listener.

This is ultimately a disappointing and contrived effort where the band have clearly relied on pinching the sound of other bands rather than creating their own sound.