Still On Top After 40 Years

Ok I know I like challenges but how do you review an album that covers the 40 years in the business since Van Morrison escaped Belfast with his brand of fine music? The basics are easy - it is a double album with 37 tracks all in told. I mean you cannot even argue about the title of the album - 'Still On Top'- who the hell can argue with the man?

The album is very much like Van Morrison's musical career, able to move seamlessly through all the genres on one album. This is the sort of album you should put on for a lazy Sunday when you are settling down with all the Sunday Newspapers and a pot of coffee while listening to the music. I mean the album is so chillout it is unbelieveable. I mean this album has all his hits on it so I feel daft reeling off the list of tracks that you should listen to, because I am sure you have your own favourite Van Morrison track, I know I do - 'Bright Side Of The Moon' and when I hear 'Brown Eyed Girl' you got it, I can think of one particular young lady from the past. This is an album full of memories for all his fans.

I just wish I had an ounce of the talent that Van Morrison has, great voice always innovating never resting on his laurels. I mean this guy is the great scientist of music, a real musical alchemist, who is able to fuse different genres together seamlessly, who else could put R&B, jazz, blues and folk music together and come out with a very credible and brilliant sound?

Do yourself a favour, put your hand in your pocket and go out and buy this album, and chill out.............