Forgive And Forget

As one of the founding members of Broken Social Scene you can't really blame Kevin Drew for tentatively carrying out his solo work under the same guise just with a few subtle additions. Branding yourself as Broken Social Scene ... Presents Kevin Drew though seems bit of a stretch though when in reality this is not a BSS record but Drew's solo outing. Whether he felt the need to cling to the security blanket of a band that's seen him well in the past or simply wanted to have his own work as an extended branch on the BSS tree its unclear what is though is the fact that here we get the quieter side of Drew's character with imagination and innovation on top.

What latest single 'Safety Bricks' lacks in feisty spirit it makes up for in sheer ambient beauty. As the simple yet engaging strummed tune lures you into Drew's world a gently blend of bitter sweet vocals swimming steer the track along. And that's not to mention the plucking of a banjo!

Sure, Drew can be criticised for playing on his band's name to fund his solo career and whilst there are dips in his album, as a single this has the warmth and grace to help you forgive anyone.