Nato dance with angels

Cornish metal outfit Nato have only been gigging for six months but find themselves playing alongside bands such as Enter Shikari and Hell is for Heroes. With a rise such as this and new single "Ballroom dance with angels and demons" out on October 15th it seems like nothing can stop them.

Fusing heavy riffs, piercing screams and soaring choruses this release proves that Nato mean business. Title track "Ballroom dance with angels and demons" gives a strong sense of what Nato has to offer. They seamlessly link changes in pace and dynamic. From the moment the first emotive chorus slaps you in the face you sit up and take notice.

However the interchanging of heavy riffage and harsh screams with pop melodies continues throughout and brings to light the fact that Nato don't seem to be bringing anything new or inspirational to the table.

In a genre which seems a little stagnant Nato's offering is a perfectly polished package. It is clear to see that what they do they do very well, but whether it is ground breaking is a different story.