Kid Acne - Eddy Fresh

The bunch of rowdy and rather entertaining lads that make up Kid Acne, a strange name if I ever heard one, release ‘Eddy Fresh’ a VERY catchy track, with a beat that you cannot help falling for on the dance floor. There is a bass beat hidden under the vocals and beat.

The vocals instantly reminded me of Goldie Lookin’ Chain in their style, but this is the only way the track would ever become a hit. Any other vocal style and this would have been a laughing stock. The lyrics as you would predict after the Goldie Lookin’ Chain comparison are humorous and will, if you’re not on the dance floor shakin’ your ass, have you in stitches and screaming aloud.

This is a track with a very catchy beat, some rather cockney vocals and lyrics to get all involved in singing. Not bad I must say.