There's no waiting for the weekend for this band

After first blasting on our stereos back in early 2005, White Light Parade have been pleasing the ears of audiences from every direction since then.

The new release to come from these Leeds lads is ‘Wait For The Weekend’, a track that many people are going to be associating with in terms of its meaning about working 9-5. The electric opening, drum beat and roll increase anticipation on an audiences perspective. The repetition of the guitar riff keeps a gradual flow and a listener intrigued. The vocals may be stationary for much of the track, but the occasional fluctuation in pitch offers some changes in expression.

‘Riot In The City’ on the other hand is about political struggles. There are more rugged vocals, and a continuous subtle guitar beat.

This single may need some work to make it stand out from the hundreds of other tracks being released, but it is a good song by some fairly artistic musicians.