Flies- The Elements

Writing for Room Thirteen has helped me discover the bands of the future, the artists I find myself following around the country for countless shows. It’s also seen arrive through my post box uninspiring CD wasting trollop. The Flies latest single The Elements is neither of the above- which kinda stumped me in the first place. So far from Marmite it must hurt at times.

See you just can’t decide. At first- I couldn’t survive the entirety of the track but after six or seven full-length listens, it grew on me. I’m gonna have to agree with fellow website writer Dan, as he too (opposed to getting all controversial) decides that the fine line between genius and pretentious is too tough to call- and on that note, I’m placing myself firmly on the fence.

The Elements opens like a ballroom regular, Cook (formally of Spiritualised) promoting with all his might- the sincerity of the lyrics, the wispiness of the sound and an apparent calming verdict. It’s far from the recycled 3 chord tunes I hear day in day out, but it definitely has an environmental feel about it. Hey- why not, everybody’s at it.

Taken from “All Too Human”, The Elements can’t possibly be the strongest track on the album; it lacks that ocean greatness and instead begins to trickle out like a leaky tap. It failed to turn me on, and the sex and soul it claims to possess are well and truly mis-interpreted by yours truly. Perhaps it’s genius, masterminds at work- I just failed to spot the sparkle.