Mad Sin - 20 Years in Sin Sin

Aptly named, “20 Years in Sin Sin” celebrates the last 20 years in which Mad Sin have been making music. The brainchild of Köfte, Stein, and Holly in 1987, Mad Sin is a German psychobilly and punkabilly concoction which aims to set your pulse racing. They have released numerous records in their time and this album contains both old and new material in a 2 disc delight.

The first disc is a studio CD containing recordings of classic Mad Sin songs, new material and some cover versions. The second disc contains a live set recorded in Hollywood during their most recent tour of America.

This album is a display of the shear energy which mad sin embodies, with tracks hurtling in your direction at light speed. Not only are the tracks fast, and filled with attitude but are extremely intoxicating as well, and have you drawn in instantly. The new material on the album is just as rapid and attacking as their past releases and adds an exciting element to what is essentially a greatest hits and a live album put together.

It is clear to see from the two discs that the live performance side of the band is where Mad Sin really shine. The Live disc shows a band with a great deal of experience, energy charged music, and a perfect mix of all the things needed to create a great gig atmosphere. They quality of the performance is brilliant and from the sound of the crowd it is much appreciated.

The Live disc also contains two videos from the gig. One video shows a cover of Eric Clapton’s “I shot the sheriff” and the other shows “Meat Train at midnight” which is not featured on the studio CD. These videos also give you a great indication of the presence the band has on stage and the fan base they have created for their music. They are very impressive to watch with Holly Le Sap’s double bass playing being a stand out feature to the band in my opinion.

Mad Sin have been around for a long time and have of course built up a hardcore fan base. It is easy to understand why some people may have not heard of them as they are very much an underground band who are proud of their routes, the music they play proves that. It still contains all the passion that it has done throughout the years and remains dirty and edgy 20 years later. Its aggressive nature thrusts their music at you and says “Like it or lump it”, just how they like it.