Perfect for the dark nights.

Theres a definite darkness to ‘Calling For Love’ by Madam that is impossible to avoid but to be honest, its hard to imagine why you would to avoid it? Theres not enough quality darkness in music nowadays and this robust little number should fit the bill perfectly.

The guitar has that murky feel of The Raveonettes or The Kills, ie, the murky sound of a band trying to capture the late 50s, early 60s more primal element of rock n roll but played acoustically. Yes, there are numerous twists on just this one song alone and with a debut album, ‘In Case Of Emergency’, due out in February, there are likely to be many more things to discover about Madam.

The way Sukie Smith darkly intones that she never gave permission for her lover to leave her would make any right-minded person think twice about crossing the lady and whilst the music and tone may be simple, it only makes the threats and intentions all the more realistic and likely to happen.

It wont be for everyone, and its certainly not one to pop onto your record player over the festive period if you have family around but in those moments where a bit of edge is required, you’ll love to call on Madam to supply it.