Danko Jones loves rock

In order to appreciate "The Magical World of Rock with Danko Jones" you must allegedly not just like, but love rock music. Curiously however, this album doesn't feature any rock music, infact it doesn't feature any music at all. And who the hell is Danko Jones anyway?

Well Danko Jones is in a three piece rock band, but he claims he's so addicted to being onstage that he's now recording a spoken word album of his witty music-related stories. It's a frank and confident 72 minute dialogue to an appreciate Scandinavian audience. Danko Jones is no comedian, neither does he appear to be a conventional rock star (how many know enough words to do a spoken word tour?!)

Ok, so Danko Jones is a guy who loves rock and a self-proclaimed "Professional Music Listener", but that doesn't make this an album that rocks. His witty sarcasm makes the 72 minutes bearable with tales of his inner child who buys heaps of records on Ebay and imagining being dumped by Nina from The Cardigans. I can't help think that if you love rock, you'd go and listen to some, rather than listen to Danko talk about it.