Olympic Lifts- I am cursed

Okay now I’m confused. A really indie (as in more indie than the boy in Topshop jeans and striped eyebrows) label like this one finds a hip hop funk outfit and makes them the indie boy I described above. Okay I am stereotyping to the max, but for some reason still unknown to you and I, when the song ends, I turn it back on again?

It’s almost a case of that song you avoided when you were 15 because you couldn’t help but sing to it whilst everybody else mocked the terrible melody and cheesy attire. Olympic Lifts opens up with a laughing monkey? “I am cursed” released the 19th January is taken from the bands third album, a release under Bruised Fruit and tells the tale of being born without a talent. It’s a pretty depressing topic if you ask me, yet this poptastic tune is surprisingly uplifting- containing incredicle commercial potential and suited to both the dancefloor and the bedroom.

Quirky lyrics and reality songwriting skills see this band matched to the likes of The Wombats, Monkeys and the Kaisers- not hip hop artists in any right, but its good music. Maybe this different direction will see the Olympic lifts really take gold.