No cockney accent? You're 'avin a laugh

Whoever decided that the way to communicate to girls in their teens and early twenties was to put on a silly estuary accent and dollop on the layman's terms in thick abundance clearly never noticed Karen Bishko on the horizon. Described as the musical embodiment of Sex And The City, “Run Run Run” serves as a cautionary tale of not staying in bad relationships. And, despite me being a 26 year old bloke, it works an absolute treat.

This is a far step on from Kate Nash. “Run Run Run” does not skimp on production values and, thankfully, does not rely on god awful urban skits to sell itself. In fact, in parts it sounds so full that one wonders if Meat Loaf impresario Jim Steinbeck in somehow involved. Bishko has a stunning and honest voice that serves as a welcome departure from dropped consonants and sneering. And this, while not exactly making the single a classic, does make for a refreshing and inspiring listen. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is one for the ladies; this is recommended for all with an ear for melody and a craving for the dramatic.