Cry For Silence • The Glorious Dead

The Glorious Dead is the shiny brand new album from London’s underground melodic hardcore metallers Cry For Silence. You might have caught a few tracks here on there from their debut EP Through The Precious Words which was released back in 2001, or if you missed that there’s the second EP The Longest Day neither of which though were particularly picked up on.

In fact it seems that up until now they have toured relentlessly without actually getting anywhere, yes they’ve played with several big names including My Chemical Romance, FFAF, and even Sepultura but they’ve not actually broken through the support slot boundary until now. They’ve been a busy lot too what with playing Give It A Name in 2007 and recording a session for Daniel P Carter for the Radio 1 Rock show all before the release of this 11 track debut.

For those that aren’t in the know The Glorious Dead is actually produced by Justin and Dan of Sikth fame and those of you who do know Sikth’s music well will hear comparisons immediately. You can definitely see that there’s been a lot of input from the Sikth guys on this record and a big influence in terms of sound. In fact this is probably the perfect album for those who started to love the new direction Sikth were taking on their last album Death Of A Dead Day, and the thoughtful melodic metal that Cry For Silence do so well.

It really is an album for those who love dark, intelligent metal with soaring melodies and crunching guitars. Adam Pettit’s vocals offer melody, growls, screams and haunting atmospheric passages. The soloing is blindingly fast and intricate and the riffs twist and unfold into almost theatrical breakdowns. This music is completely and unmistakably passionate, angry and deeply thoughtful all in one. It blends intensity and outright sheer aggression whilst being accessible for those who don’t like the heavy so much and heavy enough for those who do. You can tell from this album that a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and late nights have been endured. It’s the product of 6 years of the band being together and I do think they’ve produced something that is quite intricate, quite intelligent and pretty damn good. Absolutely recommended to anyone that likes their music to be passionate, energy driven, thought provoking and beautiful. Plus anyone that likes Sikth will probably love it.

Without doubt The Glorious Dead will bring Cry For Silence to where they should be and that’s to the forefront of the British metal scene. Forget those support slots this time they’ll be headlining the damn things very soon.