Indie goodness.

Anathallo are a seven musician collective from Michigan who easily draw comparisons to indie/punk super group Broken Social Scene; they have a big indie sound, sometimes epic, sweeping and otherworldly and sometimes quiet, delicate and lo-fi.

‘Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind More Ash)’ is taken from their 2007 album “Floating World” which unfortunately only had an American release. It’s steeped in twee lo-fi goodness but without being cheesy • gang vocals, strings, xylophone, piano and brass intertwine to create a full and emotional melody that builds to a crescendo of Sigur Rós proportions.

‘Entropy’ shows the bands post-punk roots with a chiming guitar opening and some rousing vocals; it still retains the swirling and cinematic feel of the opener, but this time the tune meanders, taking in several changes of pace and style along the way. Both tunes are a pleasure to listen to; intriguing and exciting in equal measure.