Mind Blowingly Beautiful

Worldly wise and yet conveying a child like innocence in equal measure, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly instantly radiates an enthusiastic optimism that could make Cruella De Ville’s ice cold exterior melt. Just the name itself conjures up childish notions that anything is possible and as Sam Duckworth a.k.a Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly makes his return; there will be few left not believing that this young lad can actually fly if he really set his mind to it.

Taken from his forthcoming album, ‘Searching For The Hows And Whys’, ‘Find The Time’ sees GCWCF in familiar territory as the gentle plucking of guitar and passion hued croons of Duckworth immediately guides you into GCWCF storytelling world. Laced with graceful emotion, ‘Find The Time’ gently makes a play for your heart with Duckworth’s poignant lyrics touchingly flow into your conscience before the inevitable lull is broken and the tempo quickens to the sound of trumpets.

Meaningful and melodic, ‘Find The Time’ swells with an elegant fragility as Duckworth’s melancholic tone innocently ponders “if we can make the plans why can’t we just find the time?” before imparting an emotionally charged plea of “don’t let the daydreams die”. Completely heartfelt and utterly irresistible, ‘Find The Time’ handpicks a touch of romanticism, innocent naivety and wistfulness prior to sprinkling a fistful of wisdom within each line, neatly tying it all together with a passion fuelled melody and catchiness that bulldozes through any form of resistance.

Mind blowingly beautiful!