Sleddogs - Take Me Away

Three-piece magic musicians Sleddogs have aimed to bring an album that shows off the best of their talents, singing, live performance and their instrumental playing. ‘Take Me Away’ is evidence enough that their aims are about to become recognised and fulfilled by individuals all over the UK.

One of many things that particularly stood out at me was the vocal talent. Imagine a mix of Alex Band from the Calling and Jason Wade from Lifehouse. This wonderful edgy manor yet slightly deeper and more mysterious becomes the vocal talent from Kenny Byrka; it is something that makes each of the tracks jump out. To go alongside the wonderful voice that runs through the majority of these tracks is a poppier, livelier one that is more open on tracks such as ‘Lack Of Control’ and ‘Ten Seconds’. What sets the album alight are the harmonies, especially on ‘Happy Ace’. Here they may conflict each other, but in a good way. The only concern I had was when the vocals reach ‘Ten Seconds’. By this point they seem a little strained and I got worried they were not being sincere. Edgy one minute then less so the next, I began to consider whether the edge was bogus.

As I listen to the album, each and every track became very catchy. The chorus of ‘Medicine Man’ included the captivating hook line “he’s the medicine man”, while ‘Happy Ace’ tells a story. ‘Plain And Simple’ hits the bands aim completely as a listener visions “hey hey just plain and simple me” being yelled at a gig in a chanting anthem type fashion. There is a fair amount of emotion and feeling surrounding these tracks. The bass line of ‘Medicine Man’ adds anticipation while ‘Tragic’ has a sense of mystery surrounding it.

The music these tracks follow is just as impressive as the vocals singing. There are slow paced tracks such as the moody ‘Lack Of Control’ and ‘Evaporate’. Then there are the ones that keep you moving and your head bopping. Bass lines rocket to the top of the scale and electric guitars are outstanding and instantly catch my attention. ‘Sweet Lorraine’ however has a more county indie feel.

As an album goes, this one was pretty impressive. Songs full of passion and hooks with overlying vocals that have a sound to make you quiver, this album is enough to make an impression on you.