Pg. lost

Formed in 2004, Swedish band Pg.lost explore and experiment on ‘Yes I Am’ with atmospheric melodic songs.

First there is ‘Yes I Am’ which takes a good 40 seconds to actually add any sound audible to the human ear. This slow instrumental is like a karaoke track with an upbeat chorus, slower verses and an “insert lyrics here” sense about it. The guitars are electric to the extent that they scratch; this for six minutes did my head in!

This was followed by the slower, but not shorter ‘Kardusen’ with the guitar adding a little riff. ‘Fartyget’ has a soothing folksy sound, with pings rather than actual words adding a lyrical flow; it gets very intense with guitars. I’m not even sure how to pronounce the next track, ‘…’, but it has a mumbling in background, pings of guitar and a wobbly bass line. The concluding number ‘The Kind Heart Of Lanigon’ has a semi-creative and classical style beat and guitar riff. It has an open ending like a breathe of fresh air, which was what I needed after listening to this Ep.

There are little words or vocals on this record so it is atmospheric moods and the use of experimental sounds that create any feelings. Unfortunately, my head is not ready for this style of music, is yours?