A Great Big Delight

We’ve said it before and we’ll certainly say it again and again and again until you all take notice. Record label, Big Scary Monsters is fast becoming one of the finest UK based finders and purveyors of music. From the sheer twinkly loveliness of Anathallo, to the jagged, awkward sounds of Meet Me in St Louis, to the indie rock of Cats and Cats and Cats, BSM have an enviable ear for new, emerging and interesting talent.

Tubelord is no exception to BSM’s superlative roster of acts.

Single ‘Feed Me A Box Of Words’ is one of the most interesting offerings heard for some time. All push and pull, it’s like listening to a knife fight between Blood Brothers and Q and Not U with a chanting gang vocals in the background, taunting and pushing the intensity ever higher. This is exhilarating and more importantly, vital listening.

Interesting and complex in its layering; this is like the Bayer Tapestry of music and it tells a story sonically as much as it does lyrically. The single takes you several places at once, searing through genres, time signatures and such making what you are listening to palpably exciting.

BSM have yet again come up trumps finding this band and long may they, and Tubelord, reign.