Metronomy - My Heart Rate Rapid

Music can be a comforting and safe experience or it can be strange, scary and downright disturbing. The weird and wonderful boys of METRONOMY definitely bat for the latter of these two sides. Worshipping at the church of the mighty Devo, Zappa and all the other mad men and ladies who didn't lose their sense of humour whilst looking for 'the new sound'...

Building up from rolling drums and a swirly madness like a buzzing bee who drank from the wrong type of flower, we get a typically basic four note premise of an electro riff which is so ridiculously tinny it can only be sung over with a similar line of vocals. Chipmunk singing and robotic rhythms aside, this has a garage rock arrangement beating at its heart and is not a million miles away from the criminally underrated Pink Grease in style and sound, with the marked increase in esotericism adding superficial scenester cred instead of the sheffield's band's genuine anthemic quality.

Definitely a grower and maybe a lifeline for nu-rave as it descends into oblivion with all the other twat-coined phrases.