One of the albums of the year, without a doubt...

Hailing from Southend, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, aka. Sam Duckworth, releases the all-important second album, the make or break album of a modern day musicians career. “Searching Of The Hows and Whys” is a is the follow-up to the twenty-one year old’s emphatic debut album “The Chronicles of A Bohemian Teenager”. His debut was an enormous triumph amongst fans and critic’s alike, so you could say this album has a lot to live up to.

As of yet, GCWCF is not essentially a household name but, given a few years, he could be huge; as elements of his new album advocate. The album bursts open to the sound of “Let The Journey Begin”, a marvellous, radiant track. The rasping vocals in this song are reminiscent of those in his renowned work “War Of The Worlds”. The musicality is subtle but effective, with addition of some light brass, bubbly pop-culture drumming and, naturally, superb acoustic guitar; a common feature of Sam’s music. This track sweeps swiftly onwards to “Waiting For The Monster To Drown”; a race-pace frivolous track. A wonderful wiz of musical colour; careful though not to overwhelm the listener with too much musical activity at the one-time.

Tracks like “Window Of Your Mind” and “Find The Time” have proved popular among fans when the were road-tested at some of the Get Cape’s live shows this year, and rightly so. They are the kind of wonderful tracks that make your heart skip-a-beat. They are songs that you could marvel at for days and days on end. Incredible.

Sam, just for good measure of coarse, manages to incorporate touring friend Kate Nash into the album, as she appears on “Better Things”.

Aside from this you tend to have your common album fill-out tracks like “Young And Lovestruck”, “Keep Singing Out” and “I Could Build You A Tower”, which could be described as pedestrian; for want of a better word…they just don’t seem to do much for the listener, they are not as enthralling as the rest of the album.

All in all this is a fabulous second album from Sam Duckworth, testament to the fact that he’s an incredibly talented and unique personality in modern-music. It’s pretty clear that we can expect great things from this artist. What a wonderful album. Highly recommended.