Vitally Exciting

UK Hardcore has had quite a bad run of late. Nothing has really come along to excite the senses or set any worlds on fire and with much of the drivel that is produced being amazingly lack lustre, it’s no wonder that most have lost hope with the scene. With many UK bands who anoint themselves with the title ‘Hardcore’, being just identikit poseurs who lack the drive, ambition and perhaps more importantly, the integrity to pull the style off with any kind of flair or conviction, when bands come along that to tick all the boxes and fulfil the criteria, they still are espied with a little suspicion.

However, this three way EP split from three hardcore influenced bands shouldn’t be espied with anything other than a great deal of praise and admiration.

Each of the bands sounds hardcore, but amazingly different at the same time. With Scissors, who feature ex members of the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, come at you with short bursts of frantic, frenetic energy. All shouty and quick, they sound like a knife fight in an alley: exhilarating. Orion Arm, are at one minute all jaunty interlocked guitars, but then effortlessly move into detuned territory and do so incredibly and seamlessly well. The offerings from Take A Worm For A Walk Week are brutally exciting too: guttural roars, a torrent of drums and guitars played within an inch of their wooden lives.

This EP is a great example of how great bands can suddenly appear under the radar and stand apart from a scene which is currently saturated with un-creativity and is an essential purchase for those who’ve lost hope in UK Hardcore.