Just like The Fanclub!

‘Back Again’ is one of the best Teenage Fanclub songs that they haven’t got around to writing in recent years. Okay, they may have dropped the Scottish accents but it has that heart-warming melody and cheeriness that is synonymous with the Scottish stars. Okay, this may just mean that Chris Townsend has been listening to Big Star and The Byrds but whatever the influence, it’s a great song, it’s got all you want from a poppy guitar number.

Any song that kicks off with a pounding drum beat and backing vocals that belong to a 60s girl group is always going to make a pleasing impression but thankfully the rest of the song carries on this fine start. The verses power through with a definite plan to get to the chorus which spirals nicely upwards to the wee pause section…and then the song continues upwards.

For a debut single, this is very assured and very enjoyable.

The other track ‘Copenhagen’ is a completely different type of song but no less compelling. You can tell the way the song quietly builds to a roar with regards to the backing track that it is going for the anthemic lighters in the air approach and will fit well in a live set. Its possibly a bit too Snow Patrol for this writers full approval but the two songs available here are really good and as an introduction to an artist, make a compelling argument to check out Chris Townsend.

Given the press release making a lot of Chris’ hitchhiking past, what else could we don but give this single a well earned thumbs-up.